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      Septic Electrical Systems

      Get Reliable, Long-Lasting Power for Your Septic System

      Most septic systems rely on gravity. The sewer lines carrying water and waste material flow away from the home into a septic tank. The processed waste water then moves from the tank to the drain field lines.

      How Septic Electrical Systems Work:

      A direct cable is buried from your home breaker box to your septic tank. The cable is buried directly beneath the drain line. The drain line then gives protection to the cable in case of indiscriminate digging.

      The septic tank pump should have its own dedicated circuit. The cable is wired to a weatherproof exterior electrical box above ground. The septic tank pump is plugged into the new electrical box. There should be separate wires for the pump controls.

      The pump will be controlled by a float or switch. This activates the pump when the water reaches a certain pre-set depth.

      Our heavy-duty equipment will ensure that your septic electrical pump will have a long and reliable life.

      At Kanon Electric, our expert electricians can evaluate your system, explain how it works, and suggest the best solution for your needs. We will also recommend ways that you can keep your septic system running smoothly.

      When you choose us for your project needs, remember that our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will return for a free follow-up repair or provide a complete refund.

      Call us today for more information! 253-302-8199

      Setting the Standard for Quality and Customer Service

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