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      Electrical Service & Troubleshooting

      Kanon Electric is Setting the Standard

      It’s extremely important to hire a professional if you need to have electrical repairs or troubleshooting done on your home. Attempting to perform electrical repairs by yourself can put you at risk for shock, or even death. There are several expert precautions and preparations necessary to do an electrical job properly and professionally the first time around.

      Here are some signs of an electrical problem:
      • Recurring blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers
      • Flickering lights
      • A burning smell or unusual odor near outlets or wiring
      • A sizzling sound at wall switches or outlets
      • An outlet or switch that is not working
      • Outdated electrical panel
      • Outlets and switches that deliver a slight shock when touched

      Unless you know how to work with electricity and electrical currents, you should never take work with any actual wiring issues; however, there is a bit of troubleshooting you can do on your own to ensure that you really have an actual electrical problem that isn’t due to user error or an easy-to-fix problem.

      Here are a few things to check out before calling your electrician:

      Make Sure the Switch is On

      Often times when turning on lamps that have individual switches or when turning on lights with dimmer switches, users simply don’t push or turn the light switch enough for the light to actually come on. Check it twice.

      Check the Bulb

      If the problem seems to be just one light, then check the bulb and even change it out to ensure that the bulb is a good one and not burned out. While many bulbs have a dark spot when burned out, others don’t show any sign at all. The only way to know for sure is to install a bulb you know is working.

      Check The Plug and Cord

      The next thing to look at is the plug and the cord. If the plug is plugged into the socket, make sure that it is not loose, as a wobbly plug may not be making the proper connection. You also want to look at the cord to make sure it has no broken wires or worn spots, as these could be the cause of the light not working. If this is the case, then you can disconnect the lamp and easily change the cord yourself, or have someone repair it for you.

      Look at Your Faceplate

      Sometimes, an electrical appliance can short out the wiring behind the faceplate. This usually happens with portable heaters, but can sometimes happen when other appliances are plugged in as well. You don’t need to take off the faceplate to spot an obvious problem. Simply look at the faceplate and see if you detect a dark spot near where you plug the light or appliance in to see if the wiring has gotten overheated. Burning or urine odors also indicate a wiring problem. If you notice any of these issues, call your electrician immediately.

      Check Out Your Circuit Breaker

      If your electrical problem seems to be confined to one or a couple of rooms, then the obvious thing to check is the circuit breaker panel. A power surge or putting too many appliances on one circuit may blow a circuit or fuse. Resetting the circuit breaker or changing the fuse is an easy task that you should be able to accomplish on your own. If your breakers or fuses continue to trip, call your electrician.

      Doing these simple troubleshooting checks can save you money and time if the problem is a simple fix. However, if you follow these steps and still can’t discover the problem, then it is time to call your professional electrician.

      Further electrical damage only leads to one thing: further electrical repair costs. So catch it early, and get it done right!

      For all of your electrical service and troubleshooting needs, contact Kanon Electric today! 253-302-8199

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