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    Landscape Lighting: Hiring a Professional vs. DIY

    by VitalStorm Marketing on June 10, 2021

    Landscape Lighting: Hiring a Professional vs. DIY

    When it comes to starting any home project, homeowners often think it’s something they can easily look up and do themselves. However, with any project pertaining to your electrical system, it’s easier said than done. From wiring, to the fixtures, to the overall operation, there’s a lot that goes into landscape lighting behind the scenes that requires the expertise and skills of a professional.

    Curious about whether you should hire a professional for landscape lighting or just do it yourself? Kanon Electric helps make that decision easier. Light this way…

    1. Ease of Maintenance

    Here in the Pacific Northwest, it rains – a lot. With your outdoor lighting, it’s only a matter of time before water gets into the bulb or it breaks down on you. When you hire a professional, they’re able to provide service to your system, whereas if you did the install yourself, you may not have the luxury of a maintenance professional if something were to go wrong.

    1. Durability

    You can often times find affordable lighting fixtures in several of the big box stores. However, if you’re looking for durable, long-lasting lighting solutions, you should hire a professional. Professional electricians, like the ones at Kanon Electric, use higher-quality lighting fixtures that are designed to fight off the elements outside. If you want a lighting fixture that will last for years to come and be able to survive the Seattle rain, hire a professional.

    1. Functionality

    Electricians aren’t only trained in the installation process, but they also have a keen eye for design. You want to make sure your lights are put in an area that will be functional in the dark – while also bringing a beautiful design to your home. The last thing you want to do is place your lights in an area that won’t be helpful in the dark – when you need it the most.

    1. Saves Money

    Hiring a professional vs. DIY actually saves you money in the long run. Even though you’ll probably pay more upfront to have a professional install landscape lighting, you’re receiving high-quality service and high-quality products that will last much longer than anything you’d buy at a big box store.

    1. Increased Home Value

    Are you looking to sell your home in the next several months? Landscape lighting that’s professional done can add nighttime aesthetics to your home, making it much more appealing. In turn, this increases your home value.

    The Benefits Of Professional Landscape Lighting Services

    • Safety: Avoid tripping in the dark
    • Curb Appeal: Accent your home’s best outdoor features
    • Security: Decrease your risk of burglaries and vandalism
    • Extend Time Spent Outside: Make it more pleasant to be outside after dark

    Interested in Professional Landscape Lighting Services? Contact The Pros At Kanon Electric!

    At Kanon Electric, we believe in putting your home in the very best light. Leave it to us to make your landscape lighting really brighten your day – and your home. Call us today at 253-302-8199 or fill out our online form here.