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    Electrical Safety Tips

    by VitalStorm Marketing on August 14, 2020

    Electrical Safety Tips

    Are you concerned with the electrical safety of your kids? There are straightforward electrical safety tips for youngsters that are essential in preventing injury – or even death. The expert electricians at Kanon Electric have compiled several of the most common. Read this list over and then share it with everyone in your household.

    How Is Home Electricity Dangerous?

    Kids are normally inquisitive and generally don’t have the foggiest idea about the risks of electricity. This is especially true of toddlers – who are excited to explore and genuinely curious about the world within their reach. Sharing with them the basics of electrical safety will help guard against them getting hurt – and ensure they have the right information when unsupervised.

    Electrical Safety Tips at Home

    Never stick your fingers or any objects into an electrical outlet or light socket.

    Keep fingers and objects out of electrical appliances, for example, toasters, regardless of whether the machine is on or off.

    Never use an electrical appliance close to a sink, bathtub, or area where water is used.

    Move electrical cords far from areas where there is water as well.

    Never remove an electrical cord from an electrical outlet by yanking the cord out of the socket. Always gently remove a plugged in cord with your hand.

    Always unplug an electronic item before cleaning it.

    Never use electronics (including smart phones and screens) if you are wet. Additionally, it is a good idea to keep all electrical items out of the bathroom.

    If you ever see a worn, frayed or damaged electrical cord, tell a grown-up right away.

    Outdoor Electrical Safety Tips

    Try not to climb trees that are close to electrical wires or have electrical wires going through them.

    Never swim during an electrical storm.

    In the event that you get something stuck or tangled in an electrical wire, have a grown-up handle the situation. Never go near an electrical wire!

    Do not climb utility poles.

    Avoid electrical substations (areas where there are contained high-voltage transformers).

    Additionally, avoid climbing on fences around electrical substations.

    In the event that you see a fallen electrical wire, avoid it at all costs. Report any fallen electrical wires to a grown-up.

    Be mindful of any overhead electrical wires (especially in your yard or neighborhood). This is especially important if you are holding an item with a long handle (like a rake or pool skimmer). You don’t want to accidentally hit the wire!

    Never toss objects, for example, shoes, at or onto electrical wires.

    Never come into contact with an electrical wire with your body.

    Never fly drones or remote control planes close to electrical wires. Make sure that you only play with flying objects in open areas – like a park or field.

    Never hang signs or banners on utility poles.

    In the event that a friend or pet is hurt by an electrical line, do not touch them. Find an adult who can report the event to 911.

    Keep electronic devices away from wet areas including pools or outside after a rain. Always try to keep at least 10 feet from water when you are on an electrical device.

    Contact the experts at Kanon Electric for all your electrical safety concerns. Call 253-302-8199 to schedule an electrical inspection today!