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    Electrical Safety Tips Around Pools: Don’t Swim With Shocks This Summer

    by VitalStorm Marketing on July 13, 2022

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    Electrical Safety Tips Around Pools: Don’t Swim With Shocks This Summer

    Being safe around water is extremely important as we begin to spend more time outside with friends and family. Make sure you’re practicing electrical safety around pools by following these 5 tips.

    1. Check The Wiring

    Beat the summer heat, but not at the expense of your safety. If you’re putting in a new pool, hot tub, or spa, make sure that you have the wiring performed by a professional electrician. If you already have a pool, hot tub, or spa installed, make sure you’re having the wiring checked regularly by a professional.

    2. Avoid Handling Electrical Devices While Wet

    Remember that water and electricity NEVER mix. That being said, avoid handling electrical devices while wet. Whether it be a radio or a charging cell phone, be safe when around water and electricity this summer.

    3. Be Mindful Of Where You Place Appliances Outside

    Be careful where you place items like your grill and radio this summer. Electrical appliances, equipment, and cords should be kept at least 6 feet away from water. When possible, consider using battery-operated appliances and equipment to help prevent possible electrocution.

    4. Regularly Inspect Your Electrical Devices

    Have an experienced and qualified electrical regularly inspect your electrical devices that keep your pool, spa, or hot tub electrically safe. Not only that, but have electrical equipment replaced and upgraded when necessary to keep you safe.

    5. Avoid Swimming In Or Near A Marina

    While it’s important to be safe around pools, it’s also important to be safe when swimming in or near a marina. Electric Shock Drowning (ESD) can happen when marina or onboard electrical systems leak electrical current into water and then it passes through the human body. It’s best you avoid swimming in areas where there is potential for electric shock.

    6. Don’t Swim When There’s Faulty Wiring or Lighting

    Underwater lighting that is flickering or buzzing shouldn’t be ignored. Don’t swim if you notice issues with your lighting, or if you notice corroded wires or other faulty wiring. Call a licensed electrician at this point.

    7. Don’t Swim During or After A Thunderstorm

    When lightning strikes water, water can conduct electricity. That’s why you should never swim during thunder and lightning – or directly after. You could risk getting seriously injured or killed by a lightning strike if you did. Anytime you hear thunder and lightning, take it as a sign it’s time to get out of the pool and head inside.

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