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    Why You Should Consider an Emergency Generator

    by VitalStorm Marketing on May 1, 2024

    An emergency backup generator can be a vital piece of equipment for your home or business. When the power goes out, these devices can act as a source of power to keep essential items running. According to PR Newswire, growing power outages are a concern for 84% of Americans. During these types of emergencies, it’s essential to keep power going for your comfort, safety, and several other reasons. Let’s learn more about emergency generators and how you can benefit from this purchase.

    How Generators Work

    Emergency backup generators will automatically turn on a few seconds after there’s been an interruption of power. Modern generators can sense a loss of power and can immediately switch the power source over to the generator. The generator can then start supplying power to the circuits. This ensures that even during a power outage, you still have electricity. Once the main source of power turns back on, the generator will switch off.

    Generators and Emergencies

    A backup generator is important to have to keep consistent power in a home or business. This way, you won’t need to worry about financial losses for a business should you lose power to a commercial building. At home, you won’t have to worry about losing food due to no refrigeration or scrambling to figure out ways to cook with no power.

    Beyond comfort, there are also many safety concerns for homes that have no power. For example, homes with well pumps need electricity in order to keep plumbing running. A generator can help ensure your water supply is uninterrupted. You can also ensure that everyone can charge phones and be able to keep in touch in case there is a secondary emergency such as an injury or sickness during the power outage.

    Generator Sizes

    If you’re considering working with an electrician to have a backup generator installed, you should be aware that there are different sizes of generators available. Each home and business is different, so generator needs will be different too. The size of the generator that you’ll need will depend on the amount of wattage you’d like to continue running through the structure. An electrician can help you determine this.

    These are just a few things you should know about generators. If you’re considering generator installation, you’ll need to contact a local electrician for help. Our team at Kanon Electric is here to assist you with generators and other electrical needs.