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    Top 6 Electrical Safety Tips For The Summer

    by VitalStorm Marketing on June 9, 2022

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    Top 6 Electrical Safety Tips For The Summer

    With the weather warming up in the Pacific Northwest, chances are you’ll be spending more and more time outside. Not to mention, the 4th of July isn’t far away – and your festivities may include BBQ’s, pools, and more. It’s important that you’re always practicing electrical safety. Here are the top 6 electrical safety tips to keep in mind this summer.

    1. Keep Electrical Items Away From Water

    Whether you’re hanging lights outside, or using your grill, it’s important you keep all electrical items away from water. In fact, you want to make sure you’re keeping them at least 6 feet away – whether that be a pool, sauna, sprinkler, spa or hot tub.

    2. Don’t Climb Trees or Fly Kites Near Power Lines

    As you begin to host more family gatherings with lots of kids, make sure everyone knows to stay away from power lines overhead. It’s important that no one (including adults) climbs trees or flies kites near power lines. If you do end up accidentally getting a kite caught in a power line, let go immediately and never try to untangle it as you could be at risk of electric shock.

    3. Avoid Lighting Fireworks Near Power Lines

    Planning on lighting fireworks this fourth of July? s: Much like climbing trees and flying kites, you also never want to light fireworks near power lines. If you have an accident involving a downed power line, never touch any part of the power line. Wait for a professional.

    4. Invest In GFCI Outlets

    GFCI outlets can save a life, and should be installed anywhere there’s a chance water and electricity will meet. If an electrical device comes into contact with water, a GFCI outlet will instantly trip and prevent electrocution. When it comes to your electric grill, string lights, radio, or anything that contains electricity, considering installing GFCI outlets.

    5. Use Outdoor Extension Cords

    When you’re purchasing extension cords, make sure you’re purchasing the right ones. Extension cords that are intended for indoor use only, should never be used outside. Outdoor extension cords are made to handle elements like water and heat. However, if you use indoor-only extension cords outside, you could be facing serious electrical hazards as a result.

    6. Unplug Power Tools When Not In Use

    Summer is the season for home renovation projects. Make sure you’re still keeping your safety top of mind, and unplug power tools that you aren’t using. Not only that, but also make sure to store them in a safe place. This is especially important if you have kids or pets!

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