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    Top 5 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring An Electrician

    by VitalStorm Marketing on August 9, 2022

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    Top 5 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring An Electrician

    Are you needing to hire an electrician to perform electrical work in your home? Whether you need a repair, replacement, installation or maintenance, it’s important you are asking the right questions. You don’t want to hire just anyone for such an important job. Here are the top 5 questions you should ask before hiring an electrician.

    1. Are you Licensed and Trained?

    One of the most important questions you can ask is whether or not the electrician you’re looking to hire has the proper licensing and training. Licensing and training shows that the person you are hiring is knowledgeable in the field and you can trust them to complete the work correctly.

    2. Do You Have Insurance?

    Right up there with licensing, insurance is so important. You should only work with an electrician that has insurance – and can prove it. Things can go terribly wrong in this trade, such as electrocution. If you hire someone without insurance, you might find yourself liable and have to pay to fix the problem yourself. To protect yourself in the event of an injury during the job, make sure the person you are hiring has insurance.

    3. How Long have You Been In Business?

    You don’t want to hire someone who is an amateur and lacks the experience necessary to complete the job – and to complete it well. Knowing how many years they’ve been in business is a great way to know how much experience they truly have. Not only that, but make sure you are asking the specific electrician how long they’ve been doing this for. Maybe the company you’re hiring has been in business for 50 years, but the electrician coming to your home may have just started yesterday.

    4. Can I Have My Estimate In Writing?

    A legitimate electrician will have no problem giving you your estimate in writing. It’s a red flag if an electrician tries giving you an estimate over the phone without ever stepping foot on your property. Once the electrician has seen your home, and knows the exact scope of the project, they should be more than willing to give a good estimate – and one that is in writing so there’s no room for any misunderstandings.

    5. What Are Your Fees?

    Knowing the pricing upfront is a good way to know whether or not you will even consider doing business with that specific company. It’s important to remember that going with the cheapest company isn’t always the best, though. However, you also don’t want to exceed your budget and burn a hole in your wallet! Understanding the fees upfront will help you avoid any surprises down the line, and allow you to know exactly what you can expect.

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