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    Sparks Are Flying: Top 8 Signs You Need To Schedule An Electrical Inspection This Valentine’s Day

    by VitalStorm Marketing on February 12, 2022

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    Sparks Are Flying: Top 8 Signs You Need To Schedule An Electrical Inspection This Valentine’s Day

    When it comes to Valentine’s Day, the only sparks that should be flying are the ones between you and that special someone. If sparks are flying from your electrical system, then it’s time to enlist the help from a professional electrician. Here are the top 8 signs you need to schedule an electrical inspection this Valentine’s Day.

    1. Flickering Lights

    While it may seem like a minor problem, flickering lights can actually be a pretty serious issue. Most likely you have damage to the wiring or an overloaded circuit causing this. Call your electrician right away if you notice flickering lights.

    1. Strange Smells

    There’s nothing like strange smells to ruin your romantic evening. If it smells like something is burning around your electrical outlets or fuse box, then this is a sign of a problem with your electrical system. Consider turning off the power and calling your electrician as soon as possible.

    1. Hot-To-The-Touch Switches

    If there’s heat coming from your electrical wiring, switches or outlets, then this can be concerning to say the least. An outlet or switch that gets hot should be checked by a professional.

    1. Tripping Circuit Breakers

    Usually, your circuit breaker will trip when the load is too high – which is actually a good thing. It prevents an overload and could even protect against damage or fires. However, if your circuit breakers regularly trips though, have a professional take a look to see what the cause is.

    1. Unusual Noises

    Your electrical system shouldn’t make noises. If you hear an electrical buzz or humming noise, this is far from normal. It could be due to loose connections, faulty wiring, or defective appliances. Whatever the cause may be, call your local electrician.

    1. Overusing Extension Cords

    Extension cords aren’t designed for long-term use. You should only plan to use them temporarily. If you’re using a lot of extension cords, then it’s likely due to not having enough electrical outlets. Schedule an inspection and consider installing more outlets to meet your needs.

    1. Sparks

    You can probably guess that when you see sparks in your home, it’s not a good thing. Any sparks that you see when you’re using electricity could be a fire hazard and should be addressed quickly.

    1. Lack of GFCI’s

    Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are important to have in rooms where there’s a water source present. It’s a special type of outlet that detects imbalances in your electrical current, shutting off power when it sees risk. It can help prevent electric shock or fire.

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