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    Outdoor Lighting: How To Improve Your Outdoor Space With Lighting

    by VitalStorm Marketing on May 12, 2022

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    Outdoor Lighting: How To Improve Your Outdoor Space With Lighting

    Summer is right around the corner, and you’ll likely start to spend more time outside. You may be thinking about adding new patio furniture, a fireplace, or yard décor to enjoy during your summer. But have you considered adding outdoor lighting? There are many ways you can improve your outdoor space with lighting. Here’s how!

    1. Landscape Lighting

    Adding landscape lighting to your outdoor space is one great way to improve the safety, security, and curb appeal of your home. Not only that, but it’ll help extend the time people want to spend outside. When the sun goes own, often people take that as a sign it’s time to go inside. With landscape lighting, however, your party doesn’t have to end so soon. It’ll make it much more pleasant for people to stay outside well into the evening. Some example of landscape lighting include:

    • Garden Lights

    Garden lights are another great option for improving your outdoor space with lighting. They not only provide functional benefits, but they also provide aesthetic benefits to your garden.  They can help enhance the appearance of your property, while also providing a sense of home security. What’s not to love here?

    • Downlights

    Downlights can be mounted high in the trees to allow the light to naturally shine through branches and leaves. They are a really popular option because they mimic the moonlight. Unfortunately since we can’t light up our outdoor living area with the moon alone, downlights are the next best option.

    • LED Flood Lights

    LED flood lights are commonly used to light up outdoor stadiums and playing fields. You’re probably familiar if you’ve ever attended a sporting event at night. However, LED flood lights are also common and quite popular in outdoor living areas – and for obvious reasons. They’re long lasting, energy-efficient, and offer a sense of home security. These types of lights are placed low and directed up at your house to highlight the best features of your home while also offering you the safety benefits.

    • Solar Lights

    When choosing your outdoor lighting, consider going solar. Solar lights are very cost-efficient since they operate by rechargeable batteries from the sun. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, they also are easy to install, maintenance free, and won’t increase your electric bill.

    Other landscape lighting options include: bullet lights, well lights, and wash lights.

    2. Path Lighting

    Illuminate your pathways and guide the way with path lighting! This can help you and your guests navigate around your outdoor area without fear of falling or tripping. Not only that, but it provides an enchanting atmosphere that makes it that much more enjoyable to spend time outside. You can place this lighting in your backyard, or front yard – or both!

    3. String Lighting

    One of the most popular way homeowners have improved their outdoor space is by hanging string lights. They can really help spruce up an area and create an intimate, warm atmosphere everyone can enjoy. If you entertain a lot during the summer, string lighting is a great option to add to your outdoor space.

    4. Lanterns

    Many homeowners choose lanterns as a way to illuminate their outdoor area. These are a good option for those wanting the flexibility with placement. They’re easy to move around wherever you want them, and don’t have to stay in one place. You can place the lanterns around your backyard, along your path, around your pool, or anywhere you see fit – and move them from point A to point B. Consider using LED bulbs if you go this route, as they’re much safer for the environment and last much longer than incandescent light bulbs.

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