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    How To Best Babyproof Your Home Against Electrical Hazards?

    by VitalStorm Marketing on September 10, 2022

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    How To Best Babyproof Your Home Against Electrical Hazards?

    September is Baby Safety Month. Babies are extremely curious, and love to grab and chew things they shouldn’t – and your electrical cords and outlets are no exception. There are many things you can do to babyproof your home against electrical hazards. Here’s how!

    1. Get Electrical Outlet Caps

    One of the best ways (and cheapest) to prevent your baby from sticking objects in the electrical outlets is to purchase electrical outlet caps. They are plastic and plug right into your electrical outlet. The only way anything can go into your outlet is if you remove the caps. With electrical outlet caps, you can ensure your baby is safe from electrical shock.

    2. Strap Down Cords

    Babies love nothing more than sticking their fingers in things and pulling on cords. To prevent your baby from pulling on electrical cords (and sticking them in their mouth), look into taping the cords to the floor or getting duct cord covers. You can also look into moving furniture in front of outlets so the baby can’t access the cords at all. These things will help prevent your baby from tripping on the cords and pulling on them, potentially damaging expensive equipment.

    3. Have GFCI Outlets Installed

    GFCI outlets, otherwise known as ground fault circuit interrupters, are essential in areas of your home where electricity and water can potentially meet. If you don’t already have GFCI outlets, you should consider having them installed in areas like your kitchen and bathroom to decrease the risk of electrocution. For example, if your baby knocks over some water and it gets into an outlet, a GFCI outlet will sense potential electrical shock and cut off the power before injury can occur.

    4.  Repair Damaged Wires

    Having wires that are damaged can pose a fire hazard, which can also lead to electrocution. Babies think everything are toys, and could easily pick up a wire and start playing around with it. Make sure you are having all damaged wires professionally repaired before your curious little one can get their hands on it.

    5. Buy Stove Safety Knobs

    Your baby may be too short now to reach the stove, but eventually, they will be big enough. Not only that, but they may also start to climb up on counters sooner rather than later. The last thing you want is for your baby to accidentally turn on the stove by grabbing the stove knobs. Knob covers just offer an additional layer of protection in case this happens while you’re not looking.

    6. Keep Dangerous Items Stored Away

    Chances are, you’ve probably already invested in cabinet locks and have moved chemicals and other toxic items far out of reach. But have you also considered doing that with electrical items? Make sure you’re checking kitchen countertops and your bathroom for any electrical appliances that your little one could reach and possibly turn on. For example, hair styling tools are a big one. Lock those safely away in drawers that can’t be reached.

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