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    Don’t Fall For These Myths: Top 5 Most Common Electrical Safety Myths

    by VitalStorm Marketing on November 19, 2021

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    Don’t Fall For These Myths: Top 5 Most Common Electrical Safety Myths

    When it comes to these five electrical safety myths, it’s time you know the truth. Leave it to the pros at Kanon Electric to set the record straight!

    1. Myth #1: Low Voltage Means Low Harm

    Busted: Contrary to popular belief, just because something is low voltage, doesn’t mean it isn’t harmful. According to OSHA Safety, a severe shock often creates more damage than what’s initially visible. For example, there may be internal hemorrhaging and tissue and nerve damage. What a lot of people don’t realize is that it’s the current that ultimately determines how dangerous an electrical threat is. That being said, a low voltage with a strong current can still cause a lot of harm.

    1. Myth #2: The More PPE You Wear, The Better

    Busted: It’s a common belief that if you wear layers upon layers of PPE (personal protection equipment) then you’re safe. However, it is more important that you have the right kind of PPE than having several. Make sure you have the right gear before you ever touch electricity. Having the wrong gear, no matter how many layers, can still be just as dangerous than if you had none at all.

    1. Myth #3: Rubber Will Always Insulate Against Electricity

    Busted: Rubber actually WILL always insulate against electricity…but only if it is 100% rubber! For example, household gloves, are not 100% rubber and don’t give you total protection against electricity. If you are looking for gloves to protect you against electricity, you need to make sure they are 100% rubber. However, dealing with electricity can be a dangerous task. Leave it to the pros at Kanon Electric to help!

    1. Myth #4: Wood Is a Natural Insulator

    Busted: Have you ever heard that wood is a natural insulator? Unfortunately, that isn’t true. A lot of wood ladders still contain metal. If you’re using a damp wooden ladder containing metal, for example, be cautious. This does not guarantee you are safe. Wood is actually a very weak conductor, so think twice before using wooden structures when you’re working with live wires.

    1. Myth #5: All Live Wires Will Create a Spark

    Busted: Many people are under the impression that if a fallen wire doesn’t spark, it must mean it isn’t live – and it is fine to touch. However, we’re here to tell you this isn’t true! If a wire touches the ground, you may or may not see any sparks. However, this could just mean the wires are de-energizing and are still dangerous to handle. Even if a wire doesn’t have a spark when it falls, treat it as if it did – and absolutely do not touch it.

    Kanon Electric is Here For All Your Electrical Needs in Milton, WA and Surrounding Areas

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