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    8 Shocking Signs Your Home Has Serious Electrical Problems

    by VitalStorm Marketing on August 30, 2021

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    8 Shocking Signs Your Home Has Serious Electrical Problems

    According to Electrical Safety Foundation International, over 50,000 house fires are caused by electrical problems. Because electrical problems can sometimes be hidden, there are warning signs to watch out for. Here are the top 8 shocking signs your home has a serious electrical problem.

    1.     Warm-To-The-Touch Outlets

    While it’s normal for most electrical appliances to get hot, the outlet they’re connected to shouldn’t. Without a doubt, you should avoid using any outlet that is warm-to-the-touch. First and foremost, unplug any cords from the hot outlets before calling your local electrician for assistance.

    2.   Flickering Lights

    If you’re dealing with flickering lights on a consistent basis, consider upgrading your wiring. This usually indicates a power surge, which can take a toll on both your appliances and electrical fixtures. Consider investing in a whole home surge protector to protect both your appliances and electrical system.

    3.   Unusual Burning Smell

    If you notice a burning smell coming from your circuit breaker box, it could be that the wire’s insulation is burning. It could also mean the breaker itself is melting due to an electrical overload. Because the burning smell could indicate a variety of different issues, it’s best to contact your local electrician to take a look first.

    4.     Sparking Outlets and Switches

    Are sparks flying? And no, we don’t mean from your 4th of July firework display. Sparking outlets and switches are also a telltale sign you have a serious electrical problem on your hands. If your outlets are sparking, contact your local electrician right away to see if your wiring needs to be repaired or the fixture needs to be replaced.

    5.     Odd Sounds

    Your outlets and switches should operate silently, and you definitely shouldn’t hear any noise coming from them. If you do hear sounds such as buzzing or sizzling, then you should turn the power off to that fixture as soon as possible. Then, have an electrician come inspect the switch or outlet for you.

    6.     Hot Lighting Fixtures

    If you notice that your lights are getting hot, it could be due to an incorrect wattage being used. Using an incorrect bulb wattage can cause the lighting fixture to overheat, potentially resulting in a fire.

    7.     Circuit Breaker Problems

    A circuit breaker does a lot of behind-the-scenes work that we don’t realize. Their main function is to trip when a circuit is overloaded to prevent safety hazards. Not only could it cause an electrical fire, but it could also cause it to overheat. However, if your circuit breaker is tripping more often than not, it’s usually an indication if a larger problem that requires the expertise of a professional electrician.

    8.     Rodent Activity

    There’s nothing worse than spotting rodent droppings – especially near your electrical wiring. If you notice any droppings, check for chew marks on the wires. Rodents often chew on wiring until it’s completely bare, which could result in some serious electrical problems. An exposed wire can spark and overheat.

    Think You May Be Faced With A Serious Electrical Problem? Contact The Pros At Kanon Electric

    At Kanon Electric, we’re here for all your electrical needs! Whether you need an inspection, lighting fixtures, or something else, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to schedule your electrical service.