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    8 Christmas Lighting Tips: How To Have A Safe And Bright Holiday

    by VitalStorm Marketing on December 17, 2021

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    8 Christmas Lighting Tips: How To Have A Safe And Bright Holiday

    Let your holiday season shine without compromising your safety!  At Kanon Electric, we wish you all a merry and bright holiday season. With that being said, there are some Christmas lighting tips you should know before you glow. Here are 8 tips to ensure you have a safe and bright holiday.

    1. Avoid Overloading Your Circuits

    Don’t be like the Griswold family this season. As you begin to hang holiday lights and decorations, make sure not to overload your circuits. A few ways to avoid this from happening include:

    • Calculating your circuit load
    • Being careful with larger appliances
    • Investing in LED lights
    • Installing more circuits
    1. Throw Away Damaged Cords

    Have you pulled out your holiday lights only to notice a lot of your cords are damaged or frayed? If that’s the case, then toss them out and invest in some new ones! If the live wire is exposed, it can be dangerous and leave you vulnerable to electric fires.

    1. Avoid Hanging Electrical Cords With Nails, Tacks, or Staples

    Even though Christmas lights are a holiday staple – you want to avoid using staples at all costs. Not only that, but you also want to avoid use of nails and tacks. All three of these items can damage your electrical cords. Instead, plan to use insulated clip hangers instead.

    1. Replace Burned-Out Bulbs

    Do you have bulbs that are burnt out on your Christmas tree or hanging from your house? If so, then replace those. Otherwise, the other bulbs absorb more voltage, and it could cause them to also burn out faster.

    1. Check Your Connections

    If your lights seem to randomly blink or flicker, then you may have a loose connection somewhere. Look around and see if you are able to spot where that loose connection may be and have it fixed.

    1. Use The Right Ladder

    If you are decorating your home’s exterior with lights, then you’ll need a ladder to reach those high spots. However, the type of ladder you use matters. Remember that metal ladders conduct electricity, which can lead to electrical shocks. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, it’s recommended you use a wooden or fiberglass ladder when hanging lights to avoid electrical shocks.

    1. Look For Weatherproof Lights

    If you live in a climate that is generally wet this time of year – such as the Pacific Northwest – then consider looking for weatherproof lights that can get wet without issue. Most outdoor lights should be good for weather, but it is important to check before assuming.

    1. Keep Your Cords Dry

    Don’t let your cords sit in the ground, especially if they have the chance of coming into contact with water, damp soil, snow, or ice. To keep your electrical cords dry, you can buy an inexpensive cord protector!

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