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    6 Lighting Tips To Keep Your Holidays Merry and Bright

    by VitalStorm Marketing on December 5, 2022

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    With Christmas just right around the corner, you’re probably starting to think about decorating the inside and outside of your house. To avoid a nightmare before Christmas, and to keep your holidays merry and bright, follow these 6 lighting tips.

    1. Don’t Overload Circuits

    You don’t want to be like the Griswold family this holiday season…. do you? We recommend refraining from plugging in too many lights. This can cause your circuit to blow, which would not be something you want to deal with right before your holiday celebrations.

    2. Inspect Each Light Bulb and Cord Carefully

    Before hanging up your Christmas lights this year, make sure to check each of them carefully. If you notice any cracked bulbs or frayed or damaged cords, throw them away and get new ones. They can be a shock hazard!

    3. Use The Correct Extension Cords

    Make sure you are only using indoor extension cords inside, and outdoor extension cords outdoors. Insulation is the biggest difference between indoor and outdoor extension cords and should always be used for their intended purposes to avoid fire, spark, shock, and other electrical hazards.

    4. Avoid Hanging Electrical Cords With Nails, Tacks, or Staples

    While Christmas lights are a holiday staple… they shouldn’t actually be hung with them! If you are hanging up lights, avoid using nails, tacks, or staples to do so. These can damage your electrical cords, so you should plan on using insulated clip hangers or plastic hooks instead.

    5. Keep Your Christmas Tree Well-Watered

    A cup full of cheer also applies to your tree! If you have a real tree this year, make sure it’s well-watered to avoid any fires when your lights are turned on. It’s also a good idea to use flame-resistant materials and lights to decorate it. When you’re not home, or you go to bed, turn off the lights.

    6. Be Mindful Of Pets and Children

    If you have pets and young kids in your home, the wires need to be extra secured. Pets and young children like to chew on things and grab ahold of things they shouldn’t. To ensure their safety, have everything properly insulated and put out of reach – both inside and outside.

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