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    5 Benefits Of A Whole Home Electrical Inspection

    by VitalStorm Marketing on July 29, 2021

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    5 Benefits Of A Whole Home Electrical Inspection

    Many homeowners have never had to experience an electrical emergency. However, whether or not you’ve ever faced this dangerous inconvenience, there are several benefits to having regular electrical inspections. Annual inspections are proven to guarantee that your electrical system will remain safe and reliable for years to come. Here are 5 benefits of a whole home electrical inspection.

    1. Protects Your Home From Electrical Fires

    House fires caused by electricity can be very severe and damaging.  According to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), electrical malfunctions accounted for 6.8% of all residential fires in 2018. Electrical fires are much more dangerous and far worse than other types of fires. They not only cause twice the amount of damage, but they also cause more injuries and more deaths than non-electrical fires. That being said, electrical inspections give the electrician an opportunity to spot these dangers before it can become a severe electrical fire.

    2. Helps Find Ways To Save Money and Energy

    Routine electrical inspections can save you money on your monthly electricity bills. This is because the electrician can tell you how energy-efficient your current electrical system is – and how you can make it even more energy-efficient. For example, they may suggest you upgrade your wiring to make your home more efficient.

    3. Catches Problems Early

    Homeowners that opt to receive yearly inspections have found that it helps them find minor issues in the home before they turn into something bigger. Big issues with your electrical system can not only be extremely dangerous, but it can also be extremely costly.

    4. Helps You Avoid Malfunctions

    During an inspection, an electrician may come across faulty or frayed wiring. If you have appliances or electronics hooked up to these wires, not only could it damage the appliances, but it could also decrease the lifespan of your equipment. By receiving yearly electrical inspections, you can avoid potentially dangerous and costly malfunctions.

    5. Keeps You and Your Family Safe

    Not only can electrical inspections keep your home safe, but they can also keep you and your loved ones safe. Dealing with electricity can be dangerous, so you should handle it with care. Electrical sparks, fires, and electrocution can all result in property damage and personal injury. For example, if you have faulty or damaged wiring that could hurt you or your loved ones, that will be found and handled at your inspection. You can avoid any accidents by hiring an electrician to come take a look at your electrical system.

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